It's Fall Y'all! We have openings for fall parties! Book today and get a free sign when you host!
It's Fall Y'all! We have openings for fall parties! Book today and get a free sign when you host!
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Host a Party!

We are so glad that you are interested in Love Built Signs! Our parties are so much more than just a simple arts & crafts routine, it is a moment of joy, love, and of course fun! When friends and family are gathered and spend time working on projects together, memories are made and moments are shared. We hope you decide to host with us as we take care of the hard part and you relax with those you love!

Hosting a Party Information:

What are the costs for a party?
 We allow the flexibility of party guests to order any of signs we offer on the website. Each guest will be able to choose the sign and size they want for the party. The prices range from $30 to $75 (based on size).

What is included in our party? We provide the wood, stain, paint, finish, and hardware needed to hang or place your sign. We also provide the phrases to put on the sign (based on request or availability). As a way of saying thank you, the host(ess) of the party will receive their sign for free! :)

What is required to host a party? We can set up local parties for as few as 8 people or as many as you want or we will travel out of the Houston area with a 12 person minimum (travel fee will be added on, based on distance traveled).
For small parties (8-16 people), you will use our online website for your party to register and pay separately. There will be an open registration period for your guests to sign up and pay. The registration will close 7 days before the day of the event and there will be a $10 fee for each late registration. Once you have chosen your design for your party, you cannot change it as we begin preparing for your party right away.
For large parties (17+ people or an organization, church, etc...), you simply provide the number of people in your party, pick out the designs and sizes you prefer, and then pay based on the total number you expect at your party. We will require a 50% (non-refundable) deposit upon registration and the remaining balance will be due on the event day. If you need to adjust the number in your party, you can do so up to 7 days before the party date, after that, you must pay the amount due for the original number. We accept cash, a business check, or credit cards.

What if a party has to be canceled or rescheduled? 
For small parties, due to the custom nature of our parties, there are no refunds offered. If you need to reschedule a party, we would be happy to reschedule for no fee. Any registrants who already paid will have a credit for the rescheduled party or for a future party if one is not rescheduled.

For large parties, due to the amount of preparation required for a large party, there are no refunds offered. If an event needs to be rescheduled, you must reschedule your event for a date within 2 months of the original event date. 

We genuinely hope you enjoy your event with Love Built Signs! Our goal is ensure that everyone in your party enjoys their time together and create memories through the signs they make!

See you soon!

Love Built Signs